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7th floor Sutardja Dai Hall, Desk 98
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About Me

I am a Monash Scholar, currently studying for a PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. My research focus is Natural Language Processing — in particular, developing new methods to analyse errors in parsing, coreference resolution, and machine translation. I am a member of the Berkeley NLP Group, and my advisor is Dan Klein.

I graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with First Class Honours and Medal in Computer Science in 2009. For my honours thesis, "Adaptive Supertagging for Faster Parsing", I studied in the Schwa lab, advised by James Curran. Since graduating I have continued to collaborate with members of the lab.

I completed my Higher School Certificate at Emanuel School, receiving the Premier's Award for my results in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Cosmology.

Selected Publications

An Empirical Analysis of Optimization for Max-Margin NLP
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, and Dan Klein
EMNLP 2015
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Error-Driven Analysis of Challenges in Coreference Resolution
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld and Dan Klein
EMNLP 2013
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Parser Showdown at the Wall Street Corral: An Empirical Investigation of Error Types in Parser Output
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, David Hall, James R. Curran, and Dan Klein
EMNLP 2012
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Faster Parsing by Supertagger Adaptation
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Jessika Roesner, Tim Dawborn, James Haggerty, James R. Curran, and Stephen Clark
ACL 2010
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Bibtex can be found on my publications page.