IRC Disentanglement

Annotation of IRC messages with reply-to structure, which disentangles simultaneous conversations. The largest such annotated resource.

A Large-Scale Corpus for Conversation Disentanglement (Kummerfeld et al., 2019)

This post is about my own paper to appear at ACL later this month. What is interesting about this paper will depend on your research interests, so that’s how I’ve broken down this blog post. A few key points first: Data and code are available on Github. The paper is also available. The general-purpose span labeling and linking annotation tool we used is also appearing at ACL. Check out DSTC 8 Track 2, which is based on this work.

A Two-Stage Parsing Method for Text-Level Discourse Analysis (Wang et al., 2017)

Breaking discourse parsing into separate relation identification and labeling tasks can boost performance (by dealing with limited training data).